Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Thoughts On The Wizard World Toronto Comic Con 2011

Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and I 
Me and a Phoenix and Black Widow Cosplayer
 This past weekend was the second annual Toronto Wizard World Comic Con, which took place at the Direct Energy Center. It is one of two major comic cons that occur in Toronto each year. The second being Fan Expo at the end of August.

I was very pleased with this convention. Though it is a lot smaller than Fan Expo, however it did deliver that big comic con feel. Some of the major guests who where headlining included Julie Benz, Billy Dee Williams, Peter Mayhew, Ray Park, Jake Lloyd, and may others. Some of the major comic creators that attended included Phil Jimenez, Greg Horn, Mike Grell, and Francis Manapul.

Sketch I had done by Francis Manapul

For me it was a day filled with fun. I got two sketches done by Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman),  which I had to wait over 2 hours in line for, and Francis Manapul (The Flash). Purchased two big color autographed prints from Greg Horn (Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel). Attended two Star Wars panels, one with Billy Dee williams and the other with Peter Mayhew and Jeremy Bulloch. Browsed a bunch of different items that vendors had to offer, and finally, I pigged out on some Pizza.

My final thought on this con is that it was very well organized. I was able to do the things that I wanted to, without worrying about big crowds and not getting into the panels that I wanted. But, there still are some things Wizard can do better for next year. They should offer guests more to eat then just pizza ( at one point they ran out), and try to get more vendors to show up. I had a lot of cash I was willing to spend for some nice silver age comics but it was slim pickings, since there were only 3 to 4 comic vendors. Also, there wasn't much to choose from if you are into action figures and statues, but there was an amazing selection of tee shirts. After this con all I can do is sit and count down the days until Fan Expo in August.            

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